Customizing Space privacy settings

An Owner or Administrator of a Space can edit its privacy settings.

When you create a Space, you are asked to select the level of privacy that you require. You can easily change the privacy settings by going to Settings, under "Spaces you Administer", select the Space you want to edit. You can edit the Space privacy settings on the right pane. 

Private Space.
A 'Private' Space means only you and people you invite to the Space and people who have joined the Space can see the Space and its contents. Only the Owner and Administrators can invite others to join. The Space will not appear in search results. 

Restricted Space.
A 'Restricted' Space means it will appear in search results. Basic Space details are shown in search results including the Space icon, title and description, number of members and whether any of your connections are part of that Space.
To join the Space, you will have to request to join the Space or be invited by the Owner or the Admin.
Recommended For Visibility: Who can view this Space? Who can Invite? Can it be found in Ribose Search?
Public General topics Any Ribose account Any Ribose account yes
Restricted For those who wish to maintain some control over its Ribose members. Space members only Owner/Admin only yes
Private Families and small groups of friends. Space members only Owner/Admin only no

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