Browser support

Supported browsers

The Ribose web interface is accessible through most major browsers listed below, on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine:

Unsupported browsers

  • Safari users on Windows: please download an alternative browser because Safari for Windows has been discontinued by Apple and is no longer supported.

Compatibility issues

Fixing Internet Explorer Compatibility View issues 

Internet explorer has a Compatibility View that affects how some websites are displayed. When enabled, Internet Explorer will behave like a much older version of itself (Internet Explorer 7). 

If Compatibility View is enabled for Ribose (, you will not be able to use Ribose, and if you were to log in, you will see an 'unsupported browser' page. 

To fix this problem, remove from the list of sites that have Compatibility View enabled. We also strongly recommend that you update to the latest browser version. 

Steps to remove from Internet Explorer Compatibility View:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open the Tools menu (Alt-T) and select Compatibility View Settings
  3. Remove all “” sites from the Compatibility View page list
  4. Refresh the browser

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